Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bye Bye Buy

We introduce to you our own LICKEE MADE knock out pair of shorts

Name: Construction
Type: High Waisted
Occupation: Getting down and dirty
Features: rips, flanno and chains. 
Size: 9

CAUTION: when wearing these shorts patron may find themselves knee deep in bad-ass trouble and adventure.

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These shorts also fit smaller sized girlies but are slightly baggy (which we sometimes prefer) - and still high waisted, recomended to wear with a cute thin belt

x lickee


Poppy said...

oh my goodness, I need those shorts.
I wish I could buy them but 9 isnt my size :(((
You have excellent taste and I really enjoy your blog.
Thank you very much for the comment on mine!
Love forever, Poppy


haha that description is hilarious. I actually really really love these, but they're too big, damn!


Morning Cloak said...

Where did you find these beauties? I love the plaid accent. So sad they're too big.