Sunday, May 9, 2010

Missoni Dreams

Hello boys and girls
Just trying out some different filters
oh && dark eyebrows
what do you think?


Glam + Pony said...

LOVE the dark eyebrows.

shannens said...

The dark eyebrowls look AMAZING on you!

Suyinsays said...

absolutely amazing!
did you know i think youre all amazing!!
sooo pretty, great blog, great clothes, great bloggers!

Stace said...

your eyes are fuckin amazing!
missoni prints are awesome too x

katie ss said...

omg i clicked hate! soorryy so didnt mean to ill click love like a trillion to make u for it

Poppy said...

that makes your eyes pop so much!
I love that dress your wearing.
Love Poppy

Chi. said...

Is this your sister Libby?
The eyebrows look hot.

fredstaa said...

ah amazing, your eyes are rad!