Monday, June 28, 2010

7000 hitz yo

Woah in the last month we have reached 7000 views! Alot more than expected so thanks so much to everyone who views and visits our pages! You mean so much to Lickee, with all this support and fan emails we are getting we will be heading into new areas of clothing!! So up and coming things you guys can get all geed up and excited for are winter jackets (awesome - think 90's feminist rock bands)!!! Plus many more photoshoots as we now have alot more free time due to holidays!!!
ALSO we would love for some of you to email in photos of yourselves in clothes you've made and we will post you up!! Email address is up on the top left side of our page!!
Thanks again for our 7000 views!!!! We will re-set the counter each month to keep track Xxxxxx


The Un-Examined Life said...

guys who follow me, i'll follow you ;)

jodie said...

the 7000 is all me fools

Mystery Bruises said...

your blog is awesome! following you guys now