Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

Hello friends
just thought I'd put up a few snaps 
we took on our way home this morning.
Alison has gone to work
Libby has gone to school
& I'm going to bake lava cake.
Until next time...


Cez said...

you hunks are hunks.

Victoria Lorraine said...

I can safely say, you three have potential. Keep doing what you've started, and your blog will turn in something special! Your style is amazing, infact I'm going to do a post about you guys at some point in the near future!

Victoria Lorraine said...
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Uly said...

rad pics

slyblackninja said...

wow who ever is taking these photos has ALOT of talent
pro-picture beatiful girls ^^

Sequins♡Sparkles said...

you girls look too gorgeous!
thanks for following me and for your sweet comments! love your blog too and i'm gonna follow you girls too :)

Ciao Bella said...

i just found your blog today, and i must say i am in love. you girls are amazing. you guys have amazing style, and i totally agree what victoria said, you could turn into something big, for sure.

Stace said...

oh my. that leopard cardi and the leopard boots - WHERE ARE THEY FROM?
currently lusting over you three girls' amazing style ;)


Ashleigh said...

The leopard cardi is from H&M
The leopard boots are from Dubai, I dont remember where but they say 'KG' inside.
We are loooving leopard print atm as you can probs tell hehe glad you like our stuff
xx ash

Harley Wolf said...

you girls are fucking awesome. so glad i found your blog xx

Krimly said...

wowww I love your photos girls!!


Suyinsays said...

haha i love it! cute boots guys!!

Anonymous said...

im reblogin some of these here:

you lickee girls have the best style!

good luck.