Saturday, March 13, 2010

18 Reasons To Dance

Libby here, Friday night my close friend Louis had his 18th
Wow crazy, all these pics before their wild adventures to the city
(dont worry ill be old enough soon - you watch out!)
So enjoy the party... i know i did ;)


Lisa who said...

LOVE. to death. will die with it. can you make more.

Cez said...

lib i love it! the climbing over the fence is hilarious! i forgot you took photos of that.. haha love you darling x

Ciao Bella said...

thanks for the lovely comment, i found your blog from victoria's secrets in one of the comments. if that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

What song is playing in the background? I love it!

Anonymous said...

AMAZINGGG!!! rather not be the starting photo though hahah.... music= awesome... you = babe slideshow = pure talent :)xx