Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hair Dyerama

Hey! Soo Libby and I have always been really into reinventing ourselves via hair colour. As you know I had pink dip-dye about a month ago and the last of it would not come out of my hair. So we decided to dye my hair grey. Lots of people told me I was weird, but when I get an idea in my head I just have to do it. 

So we went dye shopping, the plan was to get a blueish-silver colour (we've been stalking this girl around Glebe who has this - ahmazing! I want to take a photo of her but that's like ultra stalk) But all the colours in available were for old people wanting boring grey hair. So anyway, we did it ourselves and it came out blonde with grey on the bottom but still not what I want (I will not settle!) 

So, I'm off to find a salon that doesn't think I'm strange/tripping out and that will actually give me silver hair. Byee xx


Stace said...

I think silver hair is really unique and a great idea! I alwaus wanted purple tips but my hair is dark :(


Anonymous said...

u will look amazing with every haircolour ;) xx dutch

Tegan Joan said...

wow i really like this colour!
looks awesome
and the second pic with the fringe and long hair is looks amazing


shannens said...

love these photos! <3